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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


When VEGA Americas President Ron Hegyesi saw an opportunity in the wastewater treatment industry, he reached out to Definity Partners CIO Ray Attiyah for guidance on how to get started.  Ray made an introduction to the co-founders of Start Something Bold, and the VEGA success story began.

Taking the jump to a new market, a new product or a new direction with a company is always risky. It’s an intim- idating process rife with speed bumps and potholes, but it’s imperative that companies grow and change with the landscape of the economy and consumer needs. Without change and adaptation, companies stagnate.

The risks and challenges of growth can be mitigated if the company is able to identify market needs alongside its own strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Last year, VEGA Americas decided to make a foray into the wastewater treatment industry. Knowing that there was an opportunity, but not quite sure how they could fulfill the gap, president, Ron Hegyesi sought out Ray Attiyah at Definity Partners who suggested contacting Paul Miklautsch and Micah Zender, co-founders of Start Something Bold. The consulting company designs revenue growth by helping companies create solutions around their customers. Click here to read the full article.


Topics: Executive Team Development